Meet the Team 

It all began when Josh and Adam dove into the real estate industry and joined Keller Williams at the same time. They leaned on each other (literally and figuratively) being new to the industry. Their approaches complemented each other and they had the same drive and focus on customer service. Soon they realized they could better help their clients by joining forces. At the time, Adam had expertise in Philly and Josh in the “burbs” and so Philly and the Burbs was born. The two developed a strong team… but felt something was missing.


Enter Amy

Amy and Josh (husband and wife) had always dreamed of working together and bringing their own particular strengths to the same endeavor. When Amy joined the team she brought a keen sense of style and transparent communication. Amy is who we turn to for honest feedback and staging tips. She is also at the center of most of our client relationships and is really there during the whole process making sure each client feels supported.

What we all bring to the table

One of the best parts of choosing to work with “Philly and the Burbs” is that you get three realtors for the price of one! We all bring something different to the table and we pride ourselves on providing you a well rounded team of resources.

Josh has an incredible mind for financial detail and the ability to clearly and patiently help our clients through the (often intimidating) financial side of this transaction. Not to mention, he can reach the highest shelves in the kitchen to be sure they are move-in ready.  

Adam and Amy 

Adam has lived in Philly and the burbs for almost four decades. He’s lived in the middle of the city worked as a teacher and coached baseball in the suburbs and is raising his children here. To say he is a local expert is an understatement. We challenge you to find a local restaurant where he doesn't know at least one person.


Amy understands the enormity of a real estate transaction and the life changes that come with it. She is honest and is able to identify and prioritize client’s wants, needs and “can’t live withouts.” She tells it like it is so you end up in the home of your dreams.