Philly & The Beach

We're Coming to Jersey! 

Move over Snookie. The Philly & the Burbs team is expanding to serve the entire state of New Jersey! Whether you are looking to make a move to the Jersey Suburbs or it’s time to buy that vacation home at the beach, we are here for you.

The Jersey Shore

There is in fact more to the Jersey Shore than the "Situation" and Lucy the Elephant. Goin' "downashore" takes us all back to our wonder years. Life slows down, happy hour is every hour and you spend more time outside than in. Moving to the beach is not a tough sell... but we understand that all of our clients are at different points in their lives. Whether you are considering a home at the shore for investment purposes, family vacations or a full time move, we are here to talk through options with you and help you get started. 

The Jersey Burbs

Philly & The Jersey Burbs?? A home in South Jersey allows an easy commute to Philly or NYC on NJ transits. Schools are great and the rental market is strong for those looking to invest. If you are thinking about moving out of the city, the Jersey burbs should be a top contender. Also, we heard Jersey might have a better cheesesteak (don't tell Philly we said so...)